The Importance of Mold and Asbestos Testing Before a Major Home Renovation

A home renovation project is a huge undertaking. It does not only involve a reconfiguration of the design and space in a home, it also means ensuring the safety inside the home from harmful elements like home and Asbestos.

Remodeling a home requires Asbestos inspection. (Photo Credits)

While Asbestos testing is required for home overhauls, mold testing is not. But it is in the best interest of any homeowner to subject one’s home to both Asbestos and Mold testing especially when mold problems are suspected, and the home has been built more than 30 years ago.

For instance in New York, regulations involving Asbestos testing is strictly enforced. New York-Based Housing website shares that even buildings that are said to be not built with materials containing Asbestos should still be surveyed prior to a remodeling. Asbestos Overview

“The answer is that any remodeling job involving cutting through walls requires a work permit from the New York City Department of Buildings — and whatever requires a DOB work permit also requires an asbestos survey. Even if you were told your condo does not contain asbestos, Local Law 76/85 mandates a survey to verify that no asbestos is present in the materials that will be demolished.”

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As for mold testing, once a homeowner or renter suspects of a mold problem, but could not see evidence pointing to it, then a mold testing service may be warranted. This is especially true since molds can cause a myriad of structural and health problems. Entrusting this service to reliable and expert mold inspection service should be immediately done.