Crucial Reasons why Mold and Asbestos Testing is a Must Before a Home Renovation

Home renovation projects are usually overwhelming, yet the changes that will take place are generally exciting to see for any homeowner. However, before he could get a glimpse of all these transformations, he must get past the paperwork, permits, estimates, contracts, budget challenges, and the regular renovation work.

Renovations require Asbestos Testing to ensure that the health of all household members and workers will not be compromised during and after the whole remodeling process. (Photo Credits)

One of the crucial pre-renovation steps any owner of an older home should make is to test for Asbestos. Asbestos testing is not only required but is a must to ensure that everyone in the household, including the contractors and his whole construction team safe from possible health damages Asbestos inhalation, may cause.

It is all the more crucial step if the renovation will be singlehandedly done by the homeowner. Safety should never be put at risk since Asbestos could be hazardous to the health no matter the level of exposure.

Experts warn that for older homes that may have used construction materials that may have Asbestos, disturbing these materials through hammering or sawing or even forcefully moving it may release Asbestos fibers in the air. Once Asbestos fibers are published in the air, it may be inhaled and cause life-threatening illnesses like Asbestosis. As it is Asbestos has been classified as a human carcinogen that can lead to Lung Cancer among other non-reversible and terminal illnesses.

So when working on a renovation project, it is best to know the requirements in terms of asbestos inspection—not just to comply, but to remain on the safe side health wise. Most local governments still require an Asbestos Survey despite assurances of building owners that Asbestos was not used in the building materials of their home. Authorities will always err in the side of caution, and every homeowner should get too. WHO on Asbestos

Here is a video on the dangers of Asbestos during home renovation projects.